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Dr.  Jeanette and Summer were absolutely incredible when it came time for our beloved Tera to become an Angel. The respect they showed to our furry family member and the understanding they showed to us was unbelievable! That kind of love and compassion cannot be trained, it comes from beautiful souls! Thank you so much Dr. Jeanette and summer, by the time they left our home we felt peace and relief for our beloved pet. 

Karen N. (Santa Clarita, CA)

On November 3rd, we had to make the unbelievably painful decision to say goodbye to our beloved family member Wolfy. He was in bad shape and in-home euthanasia was what would be best for him. At the very high recommendations of numerous friends, we had Dr. Yamamoto and Summer come to our home to ease Wolfy out of his pain. They lovingly and gently explained everything and helped Wolfy slip into a peaceful sleep. We had many family and friends there to send him off and everyone was made to feel so comfortable and at ease. Although so sad and painful to lose him, it was also a beautiful send off. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your human kindness, compassion and love for our boy and no doubt all of the beloved pets that you help cross the bridge Dr. Yamamoto and Summer. We are forever grateful. 

Jane S. (Santa Clarita, CA)

We are huge animal lovers. Our pets mean the world to us. In the past 2 years we had to put down our beautiful 14 yr old dog & now our 17 yr old cat. We knew we could not make our fur babies last memories be that trip to the vet. They hate it. Jeanette was so lovely, so gentle, sweet, & patient. She let us dictate the speed of how this went down, without words. She explained each step as we went. A wonderful, sad experience if that makes sense. This is the only way I could ever see saying goodbye to any other fur baby. We are so grateful that this was an option!

Crystal P.  (Santa Clarita, CA)