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Memorial Wall

In Memory of all the pets who have shown us the meaning of unconditional love and have made us better humans


Jeanette & Summer had to put our Hoss boy back together more than a couple times. He was Indestructible starting from the day he was born. Jeanette finally said I should write a book about all of his adventures. When he was 6 months he jumped out of a moving truck and broke his leg.

Then he ate a bird of paradise plant and had to have his stomach pumped.

He ran underneath my car while I was driving and only had to get 7 stitches.

He attacked and killed a skunk while being sprayed multiple times, it didn’t even phase him.

He ran out into the mountains at our house in Frazier park and came back with what looked like a huge mountain lion scratch down his whole face.

He also ate an entire bowl of grapes. Nothing .

The worst one was when he was attacked by our other dog (whom I had to rehome afterwards) He had over 50 stitches, staples and two drains put in and almost lost his leg. Thankfully he had the best vets in the world to save him once again.

And then it was finally lymphoma that took him but he still ate and drank and was a trooper all the way to the end.

We will never ever forget our HOSS. 🖤

-Chantelle P

If you would like to submit a memorial for your pet, please fill out our Google Form or email us. Your memorial can be a final goodbye, a tribute, special memories or anything else you'd like to share about your beloved pet. We will post their memorial to our social media and website

Thank you for sharing your pet's memory with us


Phoebe‘s favorite thing was water. She loved jumping in puddles or going for a swim in the pool but her favorite thing to do was play in the sprinklers. This is how we like to remember her.

~Erica and Peter N


Eva was born into the lap of luxury. She only knew love & goodness. She bravely and sweetly fought liver cancer not letting it deter her for over a year. She played, enjoyed her walks, ate well and sat on her throne chair until the day she went to Heaven. She was a gentle, loving, sweet soul. Heaven has an angel.

~Wanda T


Bandit was our special boy who loved, played and protected us. He was especially close to me during my recent illness, and never left my side. Bandit lived an amazing 14 years and had a great life of wonderful times with us. He was always up for hiking in Placerita Canyon and beach trips too.

Our boy got tired but towards the end he never complained. He protected us to his final day.

He will be greatly missed and we are so grateful for Bandit’s time he spent with us.

RIP, Sweet Boy.

~ Joni S


Our sweet Zoey had a big personality. She loved to be in the center of the crowd and always worked her way to the middle of the group. Not too easy for a Bullmastiff. She was most comfortable in our home and we would often find her napping in the silliest positions. We started to notice that she was gaining weight while I was put on bedrest for pre-term labor, and we just associated it with a lack of exercise since I wasn't able to walk her. But then we noticed other changes with her muscle function. At that point we began the weekly trips to the vet's office to see what the problem could be. We tried different medications, but at that point, she could barely stand up. Each time we took her to the vet, she would shake and we would have to end up carrying her, all 120 lbs of her, into the office. Even when she was healthy, it was a battle to get her in the door. When we finally decided that it was time to let her go, we were so grateful that we found Peaceful Pets and we were able to say goodbye to her surrounded by the people she loved, and in the comfort of the place she loved best.

~Katie D


February 22, 2021 we said goodbye to our sassy Tripps. She came to us in 2004 as a stray kitten that had been in a car fan belt accident. She lost one rear leg, most of her tail, and had scars over her top half. Now, what she had lost physically she sure made up for in attitude. She was a total bitch throughout her life, smacking the other animals, the kids, and my husband and I on occasion. She was notorious for yowling anytime I was on the phone. She had to be sedated to groom her long hair and did slice open a technician's hand during a grooming. She demanded her treats and bullied all other pets in the house. If you asked her, she owned the lower portion of the stairs in our house. And she really thought she was a huge dog! Despite her attitude, we loved her and will miss her. Rest in peace Tripps, just be nice to the other pets over the Rainbow Bridge!


Toby was a soul who had such a calming presence. Petting his silky soft fur could calm me no matter what had tried to darken my day. His fluffy tail would always curl over his back toward the left until his old joints didn’t allow it anymore.

He would want you pet him for hours, but please don’t hug him or try to pick him up, he liked his personal bubble respected… he was a gentlemen, after all.

Toby now rests in rock urn in the garden where our kids still say “hi” to him and keep his memory alive playing soccer with him when the ball bounces off his rock.

Even though he lived to almost 15 years old, it’s never enough time. He will be forever missed, forever remembered.

Our Fluff-Fluff. Our Tobe-Tobe. We love you

~ Elizabeth V