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Before our arrival

Should my child/children be present?

It depends. If your child is older and you’ve been able to discuss your pet’s illness as well as the euthanasia process with them and they want to be present, then they should be. If they choose not to be present during the euthanasia, they can return once your pet has passed to say their final goodbyes if that will help them grieve.

Children under the age of 5 do not understand the permanence of death and, in our experience, the parents of these young children are not able to fully focus on their beloved pet as they are also trying to console their young child.

Dr. Yamamoto had personally chosen not to have her children present when they were younger — they would say their goodbyes before. Once they were older, she discussed the reasons a peaceful euthanasia of their beloved pet was needed and respected their decision to not be present.

Every family and child is unique. You know your child best. We welcome children being present and will help guide you in speaking with them during the process if they choose to be there. We have also put together a handout that can guide you in talking with your children (ex: Avoid euphemisms like "Fluffy is going to go to sleep"), knowing how a child may grieve/react at different ages and books/websites that may help in your discussion: Children & Pet Loss

Should my other pets be present?

This depends on your other pet. If they will lay calmly in the room with you, then it's likely okay. If, however, they are hyper and will be vying for your attention, it may be best to place them in another room during the process. We want you to be fully present with your pet during their peaceful passing. We then encourage you to bring your other pets into the room once your pet has passed so they can smell and begin to understand.

Ultimately, this is your decision.

** If they are not comfortable with new people in your home, we ask for their safety and ours that they not be present 

Do I need to prepare anything in my home before you arrive?

No, you do not need to prepare your home for our visit. However, you can think about where you would like the procedure to take place: on their bed, favorite room or outside (weather permitting).  Some families like to have photos or their pet's favorite items present or music playing--whatever you feel may bring comfort to you or your pet during this time.