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Who cremates my pet?

When will I receive my pet's cremains and/or keepsakes?

We will contact you in 10-14 days to deliver their cremains and/or keepsakes back home if you are in Santa Clarita. Families outside of Santa Clarita will have their pet's cremains mailed to their home by Guardian Animal Aftercare or can pick them up from our Castaic office or Guardian. 

How do I know that these are my pet's cremains and paw print?

We use Guardian Animal Aftercare in Sun Valley and have entrusted them to cremate your beloved pet in accordance with your wishes. Dr. Yamamoto has had many of her personal pets cremated by them and has a good relationship with both the staff and company since 2011.

If I choose not to receive my pet's cremains, what happens?

Your pet will be cremated with other beloved pets and their ashes will be spread at sea by Guardian Animal Aftercare off the California Coast