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Cricket was such a sweet, unique and loving cat. We adopted him at age 4, after he was an adoption return from another home. He was a big boy, coming in at 19 pounds, and had extra toes and a mystery claw to add to his specialness ☺️ He taught us so much about life, love and cat behavior 💕 He was such a sweet boy with a soft coat, he loved when we would “head bonk” each other, he loved sleeping between my calves, his nighttime routine included “making bread” on my chest (all 19 pounds of him 😆), he would follow me into the bathroom to “protect” me, he made the funniest noises when he would carry his “stuffed animal” toys around in his mouth, and his nap time was mostly spent at the top of the cat tower in the sunshine by the window. At one point he even needed “baths” for his skin, so I just took him in the shower with me, and to my surprise he was an absolute angel! He was also a very loud purr-er and LOOOVED food.

Watching him decline with his illness was hard, but we did what we could to ensure he felt so much love and comfort through the process. It hurts so much that he’s gone, but that’s part of loving them so much ❤️ Your sweet face will never be forgotten, we love you Cricket, Rest In Peace and comfort 💕

~ Christina and Dalton W